Howard Schultz : An American Entrepreneur

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Howard Schultz is a passionate, American businessman who used his brilliant creativity and entrepreneurial dedication to reform the ways of a business. He is known for being the CEO and chairman of the well renowned company Starbucks. He was born on July 19th, 1953, in the city of wonders, Brooklyn, New York, United States. As a child, his family financially struggled, and his parents often worked overtime and extra shifts to raise the family. Howard was raised in a low income neighbourhood, where all the families would be similar to his, which highlighted the difficulty Howard had growing up. Yet to this day, he is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. He gained his business talents and skills from experiencing his father 's…show more content…
Once he graduated from Northern Michigan University, Howard’s inconceivable career began as he became the sales manager for the technology famous company “Xerox Incorporation.” After several years of gaining experiences in sales, he moved on to the Swedish company “Hammarplast” where he sold household products, and most importantly coffee makers. The reason Hammarplast is so important to Howard 's career is because the Swedish company led to his success and involvement with “Starbucks.” As Howard was working at Hammarplast he had one unusual buyer who would purchase a huge amount of coffee makers, and this company was known as “Starbucks” which is one of the most successful companies today. Howard wanted to understand why Starbucks was buying so much of his products, which then led to Howard personally attending the Starbucks in Seattle, in which he admired the company for its innovation and creativity and suddenly wanted to become a part of it. The Howard Schultz era of Starbucks began, as he constantly begged the owner Jerry Baldwin for a job with the company, and after several disturbances, Howard became the marketing director of Starbucks. Howard felt that he could substantially use his creativity and ideas to enhance the growth of Starbucks, and that’s exactly what he did, as he brought in new recipes, new traditional values, and new energy to Starbucks, where he led the modern day prosperity of Starbucks and
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