Howard Schultz, Owner Of The Starbucks Corporation

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Howard Schultz, owner of the Starbucks Corporation, is well known in the coffee industry today as an innovating contemporary leader. Schultz began his career with the Starbucks Corporation working in the operations department for 5 years. He purchased the company in 1987, and assumed responsibility as CEO, chairman, and later as chief global strategist. Under Shultz’s leadership, Starbucks grew from 17 coffee shops to 4,000 stores rapidly and then he led the unrivaled Corporation into international markets around the world. The Starbucks Corporation has experienced tremendous growth and success in the US and internationally, (Lemus, Feigenblatt, Orta, & Rivero, 2015), and currently has 24,000 stores in 70 countries. I selected to research…show more content…
The inspirational nature, vision and charismatic personality of transformational leaders propel and motivate their followers to do more than expected while stimulating creativity and learning opportunities. Schultz emulates confidence, determination, integrity, intelligence and sociability. Moreover, transformation leaders are strong role models, demonstrating high morals and ethics, realizing solid relationships and a high level of trust among the employees. Schultz believes, “leadership is about instilling confidence in others” (Schultz and Gordon, 2011, p.308), whereas, employees whom he calls partners are proud and motivated to work at Starbucks, inspired by Schultz’s vision, and high standards. Additionally, Schultz provides his people dignity and self-esteem, offering tangible benefits normally not found in fast-food environments. For example, Starbucks provides health insurance, options to own company stocks and tuition benefits for school, thus, creating a dedicated work force. Moreover, Schultz listens to his partners’ ideas and encourages members’ creativity, and innovation while fostering partners to develop as individuals and become part of the team collectively working towards achieving objectives. Schultz promotes an extremely high level of customer service and believes it is paramount for the
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