Howard Schultz : The Legacy Of An Inspirational Leader

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Father Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta and Howard Schultz were both in their own right, exceptional leaders. Howard Schultz, in just 31 years has turned the idea of providing joy and enjoyment to people in a cup of coffee into a $100 billion dollar enterprise. Arizmendiarrieta aided and educated the first founders of the Mondragon Co-operative which currently employees an excess of 100,000 people and annual sales of $14 billion Euros ( Arizmendiarrieta led an entire population to self-sufficiency and whilst there is no comparison to the vast financial success of Starbucks, the continuing existence of Mondragon is the legacy of an inspirational leader. The aspects of behaviours, motives, trait, power, charismatic…show more content…
This illustrates the various personality traits that Howard Schultz had. The words of Father Arizmendiarrieta quoted are, ‘No-one can speak about the dignity of work with so much right and propriety as we ourselves can’ ( and ‘If someone falls they can get up again…’ ( From these two statements, it is clearly evident that Arizmendiarrieta’s traits of optimism, humility, self-confidence, authenticity, extroversion and enthusiasm stand out. These two exceptional leaders also shared the leadership task related traits of emotional intelligence, passion for the work and the people and courage. An internal locus of control and flexibility was also evident in both leaders. In BuBrin 2013 page 46-50, where ‘flexibility and adaptability is necessary for a leader to be able to cope with change, especially because a leader is someone who facilitates change’. Howard Schultz embodied the very essence of flexibility and adaptability as when Starbucks needed to alter virtually everything about how it operated in order to survive, Howard chose to cut costs by $500 million, shut down 800 stores and lay off more than 4,000 employees

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