Howard Stern Essay

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Howard Stern has been labeled as many things, such as offensive, obnoxious, discussing

and by the majority of his listeners a genius. He grew up in a suburb of Manhattan in the early

sixties. His father, Ben Stern, worked at radio station WHOM where the was the engineer. His

father commuted every day about 40 miles to and from work. Howard would spend little time

with his father but on occasion he would get to go to work with him. This is what interested

Howard to being on the radio.

At the time, the area Howard lived in was going through a racist change. His mother told

his friends who were making racist comments about the negros that she and Howard
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He really didn’t cheat on his wife because he took a bubble bath with Brittany

with his underwear didn’t take them off...which meant he didn’t cheat on her. At least this

is what Brittany told him and she started making a lot of sense at the time...Both he and his friend

Fred ended up in the same bubble bath. Brittany needed her shoulders rubbed while she was

relieving stress in the tub. Alison found his wet underwear under the car seat the next day. He

thought he was safe until she revealed this to him while eating lunch the next day.

On April 21, 1980 Howard started work at a Detroit radio station, WWWW. He was the

morning man. He presented a morning show that Detroit never experienced before. He did it his

way. The manager told him he talked too much but he continued to talk “too much”. After all

this Alison came back.

WWWW changed its format from rock to country. Howard quits. He tells the listeners

that Hopalong Howey never drove a truck, went to college, and never had sex with his daddies

sister. So, he quits....

Howard feels like a quitter because he left WWWW. He wants to become more intimate

with his listening audience. He says everytime he thinks he shouldn’t say something that he

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