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     How might one explain Howard Stern? Yes, he is a refreshing change from the typical, politically correct figure, and he provides humor and sex for late night audiences who are growing weary of Leno and Letterman. And while Howard Stern, shock jock turned television host, is more on the same wavelength as a Jerry Springer than a late night comic, Stern has always claimed--like Jerry--that his show is just an act.
     The idea that Howard Stern could come close--but not too close--to naked women on his television show, might have created the impression that this was just an act after all. He would say things that any other husband could not get away with, and it was okay, because it
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Although he has achieved remarkable success for an unremarkable act, he is obviously not happy in his personal life. What Stern continues to do is to integrate his radio persona with real life and in some ways, he cannot separate the two. What most people know about Stern's one big mistake had nothing to do with a lesbian bimbo getting too close, but rather his talking about Alison's miscarriage on the air. That is what most know about Howard Stern. His life has been aired in the film Private Parts and he tells the world how he feels every day. While he is flamboyant, and pushes the envelope, one thing is true. Howard Stern is at least consistent. What does this mean? While Stern on one hand objectifies women on the show, and then talks about his wife lovingly, that is a contradiction. But he maintains that this act is just that and both parts of that personality co-exist.
     Many wonder why the show is still on the air as it is somewhat offensive and really does nothing new, even as the years go by. Ratings had in fact dropped for this successful host, but they soon picked up again. Donovan reported that while Stern's Saturday night show had been in the doldrums, the marital breakup had helped ratings (Donovan 226). But one question remains. What will Stern do now that he is on available again?
     That is not an easy one to answer.

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