Howard W. Campbell, Jr.

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We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. This saying fits perfectly with a certain character that goes by the name of Howard W. Campbell, Jr. The narrator and protagonist Howard Campbell is an American playwright living in Germany with a German wife as World War II breaks out. Campbell is persuaded to remain in Germany, cultivate the Nazis, and become an American Agent. Throughout the novel “Mother Night” you get to see different sides of Howard. As the novel gets deeper so do you with this character, getting to learn more and more about Howard and his personality. This essay will show you who and what type character Howard W. Campbell, Jr was. Howard at heart a somewhat a simple man, who loved his wife Helga and his work as a writer. he hides his true self deep inside and puts on a façade for everyone. Howard is so effective at hiding himself, that people only know him as the Nazi he pretends to be.
Within the beginning of the novel it seems to be that Howard has a problem with his identity. All Howard seems to mostly care about was his wife Helga his romantic role appeals all throughout the novel, though that is a different topic, Howard lets his outside life be sacrificed only to an inner truth only he knows. Campbell said himself in the novel to be “a nationless person by inclination.” By this it was clear that he felt he belonged nowhere. There was no place he could actually call home anymore. Even at the end when Howard is in
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