Howard Zinn : The Mistreatment Of Native Americans

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The history of the Americas is a debatable topic, many sources are unsure of what has exactly occurred. The sources that were read all show opposing viewpoints; the Europeans had mistreated the Native Americans, the Europeans were unaware of their actions, and the Native Americans were capable to fight off the Europeans. Although all sources provide key points, the third source shows evidence and strong points that prove to be a reasonable argument. Though the history is uncertain, what is known about the Americas is that the Europeans had rediscovered the Americas, which the Native Americans had been harboring and living off of the land before the Europeans even found the land. This had caused a conflict between both groups leading to the end of the Native Americans and Europeans taking over the Americas.
In the first source, the author, Howard Zinn discusses how Europeans were aware of their mistreatment towards the Native Americans and how Native Americans were innocent. As well as how Christopher Columbus is portrayed, how he is not a hero, and how he shouldn't be celebrated. Zinn uses direct sources and evidence to support his argument by using journals and logs. Zinn says that the mistreatment of Native Americans is first seen to begin with Columbus. Zinn shows evidence to support this statement by using a direct source from Columbus. "They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features... They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword,
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