However, There Is One Issue Regarding To The Downsized

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However, there is one issue regarding to the downsized engines.Porsche’s Engine Downsizing There are more than one billion cars around the world up to date and this number is increasing rapidly because of the demand for them. Most of the cars in the world have big engines right now. Big engines are made of eight cylinder (V8), ten cylinder (V10), or twelve cylinder (V12 / W12). Those types of engines have been used for many years in the car industry. Most of the car manufacturers prefer to use those engines because their customers like them and thinking that more cylinder means more power. For many years, those car manufacturers have not realized one thing that big engines emission rates are actually really important for the environment…show more content…
After introducing the Cayenne, they also started to produce four door coupe alike sedan called Panamera with the same engine options in 2011. Porsche mostly used their V8 engines in their four door cars until 2014, but after that year they started to downsize their engines because of the new emission rules that their government released. By those new reduced emission regulations, Porsche become one of the first sports car manufacturers that started to downsize their engines. Downsizing the engine is pretty simple. They are actually taking 4.8 liter, eight cylinder V8 engine and changing it with the 3.6 liter, six cylinder V6 engine. When they are downsizing the engine, they are also adding that engine a turbocharger to make it much powerful as the bigger engine. (Turbocharger is helping the engine to get more air to the pistons to increase its performance) Most of the Porsche customers thought bigger engines are stronger and it makes the car go faster, but actually it is not true because when they add turbochargers to the new downsized engine, it makes the car much powerful as the old models. Another thing about the downsizing the engine is the fact that, when the manufacturer makes the engine smaller, they are actually making the car lighter too and that lighter car goes faster on the road than the previous models because it has

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