How's The Realt Estate Market in San Diego, California

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How's the Real Estate Market One question always asks by people “How’s the real estate market?” it is significant that real estate agent and other real estate professional not provide a general response. They should response with full knowledge about the market. As professional it is not acceptable for real estate agent to say it is a seller’s market, or the banks are not offering loan right now, etc. A regular person may accept those answers, but prospector buyer may need to know why the market is down, or it is good time to invest in real estate, or why it is a seller’s market or why not buyer market? I will clarify these matters in real estate economic relations, so the prospector buyer can better appreciate why the markets are in…show more content…
The study concludes that real estate is playing a significant role in major business cycles. The past indication is consistent with land assumption is a major factor in business cycles. The business cycles effects in real estate have not been a pure market activity, but have been subjective by substantial government fiscal and monetary interventions. . We are recognize tendencies in the mortgage interest rates, national home price trends, new housing build tendencies and many more economic indicators that impact the real estate markets. It will help the real estate professional to retain active real estate information, but to always keep in mind that this is a local business. There are many forces manipulating your local market that will have little or no influence in other national real estate market. But these factors that can have great effect on local real estate’s market include the local weather trends, aging of the population, general stock market and investment health, etc. Things that effect discretionary income have more of an effect on this type of market Perfect competition indicates on the real estate market in which no one supplier can impact prices, obstacles to enter and exit are slight, all suppliers offer the same goods, there are a great number of suppliers and buyers, and information on pricing and process is willingly available. Systems of imperfect competition include monopoly, oligopoly,

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