Hows does changing the length of wire affect resistance?

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OBJECTIVE For this piece of coursework I have been asked to investigate into the resistance of wires when the length is changed. INTRODUCTION The objective for my coursework (as already stated above) is to investigate how changing the length of wire can affect the resistance. There are factors which can affect how accurate our expriment is come on four levels. As in any scientific experiment, there are always variables ( "likely to change or vary subject to variation; changeable." ) which can alter a potentially good set of results into a bad set full of anomalies. In this particular test there are five main variables. Length affects resistant, this is the variable which we are changing. As water in a hose pipe, the longer the pipe…show more content…
In theory, if the wire is doubled, then so will the resistance. If the length is twice as much, then there will be twice as much collisions, which would increase the resistance RESULTS The test was done several times, I have rewritten my results into a clearer table, this can bee seen on a the next separate sheet. The equation for finding resistance is.. Resistance = Voltage/current This was used in calculating the
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