Hp Analysis

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1.0 Company background 2
1.1 Introduction 2
2.0 Strategy identification 3
2.1 HP Marketing mix 3
2.1.1Product 3
2.1.2 Place 4
2.1.3 Price 4
2.1.4 Promotion 4
2.2 E-Customer Relationship Management 5
2.3 Virtual Communities 5
3.0 Environmental Analysis 6
4.0 Segmentation and targeting, differentiation and positioning 7
4.1 Market segmentation 7
4.1.1 Demographic 8
4.1.2 Psychographic segmentation 9
4.1.3 Geographic segmentation 9
4.1.4 Positioning for the future 9
4.1.5 Future differentiation 9
5.0 Objectives and E-marketing Strategies 10
5.1 Corporate objectives 10
5.2 E-CRM recommendations 11
6.0 Implementation and Evaluation 12
6.1 Electronic Commerce Solution integrated with SMS 12
6.2 e-Recommendation
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This technology works by measuring the percentage of utilization on each Central Processing Unit. The advantage for HP customers is that they will only pay for processing they are utilizing. They also have the option to use additional processors, therefore processing is not limited. In addition, different versions of the same products priced differently with respect to the configuration of components.
2.1.4 Promotion
Hewlett Packard use different methods to promote their products to users, here are as follows; * Publics relations – “The HP Media Relations department provides journalists and editors with assistance in referencing background information of the company, it is setting up interviews with HP executives or scientists, securing press materials, and checking facts.” (HP newsroom, 2011) * Advertising – along with mass production of its products, HP is promoting its products via internet, including a website with videos and navigation sorted by business application. * Sales promotion – through HP trade-In-frequently asked questions, HP is attempting to provide added value or motivation to consumers to stimulate sales. It is doing this by providing answers to questions which are mostly asked by customers, thus putting them in a good position to gain customer loyalty and form a strong relationship

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