Hp ( Hewlett Packard ) Laptops And Computers

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Flash id: 810784606 Organization: HP (Hewlett Packard) laptops and computers

Description: Hewlett Packard (HP) is a multinational Information Technology Corporation which manufactures laptops, computers and other electronic devices all over the world by producing high quality products. HP provides software, hardware solutions all over the globe. They also provide technical support assistance to their customers/clients.

My relation with the organization:
I worked as a Sr.Associate-Technical Support in this organization for about two years. My profile includes providing client support regarding technical issues involving computers and laptops. Apart from this I also used to handle the sales promotion as well as maintain the E-Commerce website for the company through which the sales were more boomed since last few years.

Enterprise architecture Goals and object:
Every organization has specific goals and objectives to finish them. PROFITABILITY:
The first and the foremost concern of the organization is profitability in which the company will look into the profit every year. This also considers the increment of revenue by minimizing the expense spent on the resources in the financial year.

 To achieve the profitability, the returns have to be increased by 30-40% while maintaining the standards of the product.
 It is also very important to analyze the aspects of the pricing in a competitive
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