Hp Is A Partner With Dreamworks

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In addition, HP is a longterm partner with DreamWorks; the companies having partnered together since about 2000. HP has a managed print services (MPS) contract, so that they are constantly observing printing and paper usage, and thus processes and workflows, and can identify hot spots where too much paper is being used and inefficiencies are thereby created. The two companies meet weekly or biweekly for both sides to provide feedback and discuss concerns, and also meet quarterly to strategize on larger projects that aim to create efficiency. Thus this workflow solution was simply a part of an ongoing process with cooperation between DreamWorks and HP, not a situation where an outside vendor was sought. In meetings between departments…show more content…
There were 5000 documents that were taken off site to be scanned in and digitized. Also involved in the project were Highland, who provided scanning software that allowed for organization of the scanned content; a content management provider; and another third-party scanning company, the name of which the interviewee did not know. As an alternative to this intensive use of paper documentation, HP scanners have been set up so that documents can be scanned through a normal HP scanner into an accessible database. Employees of both DreamWorks and product licensing partners now can view the same documents online at the same time, creating a much higher level of efficiencies throughout, particularly noticeable at meetings. During meetings, documents can now be worked on collaboratively, and agreements can be linked to the pertinent imagery that will be involved with the product licensing. During this workflow improvement process, there were some difficulties encouraging everyone involved to change their processes and procedures. DreamWorks executives have come to realize that, rather than having vague executive involvement, there needs to be clear executive sponsorship of such changes, communicated from the beginning of such workflow projects, so that as the projects move into the departments for employees to use the new processes, there is far less resistance. For this purpose of reducing resistance to change, there needs to be an awareness that
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