Hp Is A Partner With Dreamworks

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In addition, HP is a longterm partner with DreamWorks; the companies having partnered together since about 2000. HP has a managed print services (MPS) contract, so that they are constantly observing printing and paper usage, and thus processes and workflows, and can identify hot spots where too much paper is being used and inefficiencies are thereby created. The two companies meet weekly or biweekly for both sides to provide feedback and discuss concerns, and also meet quarterly to strategize on larger projects that aim to create efficiency. Thus this workflow solution was simply a part of an ongoing process with cooperation between DreamWorks and HP, not a situation where an outside vendor was sought.
In meetings between departments and outside groups, different people were often bringing different versions of agreements into the same meeting where they actually needed the final version to be discussed. The objectives for this workflow solution were to keep everyone informed in an efficient fashion, increase the speed of project turnarounds, and reduce paper while increasing communication; with the ultimate objective, of course, being to save money.
From Spring of 2011 until November of 2011, HP digitized these documents and trained DreamWorks staff, as well as outside licensed partners, to scan new documents into the digitized system. Internal and external stakeholders included the end users, employees in DreamWorks ' consumer products department, and DreamWorks '…

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