Hp Under Carly Fiorina

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Hewlett-Packard Under Carly Fiorina, and After Her
Carly Fiorina became first outsider CEO of Hewlett Packard in July 1999. Three years later in May 2002, under her management HP merged with Compaq Computer. While this merging period she had faced various problems such as goverment regulators in both US and Europe.
Carly Fiorina got her bachelor at Stanford, received MBA at University of Maryland and MS at MIT. She had worked for AT&T and Lucent Technologies for 20 years.Fiorina is known for having “silver tongue and an iron will” which means being articulate and persuasive.worht
Carly Fiorina selected from 300 candidates.Each member of search committee listed 20 qualities for potential CEO then boiled these down to four
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Of course many changes are made to processes within operating level work units. When they are made, care is usually taken to make sure that the work leaves the area in the same format that it has been so that it will not cause problems in the next work area that receives it. Often this means retranscribing some of the data or maintaining double records. As these local changes accumulate, a process becomes increasingly cumbersome and subject to breakdown.

What should we do to get the best world class work processes? Use organized common sense, the Work Simplification approach. This means chart the process, at a level of detail that shows all of the steps that people take to process each of the records in the process. This detailed process chart provides a well organized and comprehensive display of the work that the people do in the process, something that is thoroughly familiar to the employees who do this work. Then form a team of veteran employees whose experience collectively covers the entire process. If there is technology involved in the process that the team does not understand simply pull up another chair or two and have people join the team whose experience covers these areas. And, they join the team as equal members. They don’t take over the project.

Walter Hewlett, who originally voted in favor of the merger as an HP director, offered a laundry list of reasons
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