Hp and Compaq Merger

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Webster University November 6, 2011 Hewlett- Packard Company, referred to as HP, is an American multinational information technology company. Its headquarters is based in California USA. The company was founded in 1939 built in a Palo Alto garage by Bill Hewlett and David Packard and is now one of the world’s largest information technology companies operating worldwide in almost every country. It has 87,000 employees in 120 countries. HP specializes in developing, manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware. In addition it designs software and delivers services. A majority of HP’s product lines include storage devices as well as computing devices, and a wide range of imaging products and last but not least,…show more content…
Compaq markets its products mainly to consumers from the following sectors: Business, home, government and education. In 2001, Compaq and HP engaged in a merger. The new HP will become the second largest global technology provider with around $87 billion in revenue as well as many opportunities to create competitive advantages with their existing resources. It then had the ability to provide a multiple number of solutions and will be in position of competitive advantage in comparison to the leader IBM. Prior to Compaq’s merger with HP, its ticker symbol was CPQ, however after the merger its ticker symbol is now HPQ. . The management’s reasons for the merger included the following: Improved economics and innovation, complementary leadership in key markets, strengthened business provides critical mass in key growth market, and financial benefits. First of all, combining HP and Compaq would result in creating economies of scale, direct sales channel, and a more flexible distribution channel. Second of all, the merger would facilitate the industry leading product line in the entire server category, and gain a broader portfolio of products and services. Thirdly, having around 65,000 IT architects in 160 countries accelerates growth and leads to better customer loyalty. Finally, financially, it estimated $2.5 billion in annual cost

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