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Age Limit On HPV Vaccine?
Being the 50 percent of sexually active people will have genital hpv in their lifetime the Human papilloma virus is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States of America.There are two vaccines that are currently available to prevent the Human papilloma virus that cause the most cervical cancers.The vaccines are Cervarix and Gardasil which also treats genital warts as well as anal and vaginal cancers. No federal laws yet mandate vaccinations but all states require certain vaccinations for children entering public schools. The human papilloma virus vaccine prevents infection with certain species of human papilloma virus associated with the development of cervical cancer and genital warts. The
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As of September 15, 2011, there have been a total 71 VAERS reports of death among those who have received Gardasil. There were 57 reports among females, 3 were among males, and 11 were reports of unknown gender. Thirty four of the total death reports have been confirmed and 37 remain unconfirmed due to no identifiable patient information in the report such as a name and contact information to confirm the report”(CDC). With the risk such as these one can see why many may feel uneasy about giving children this vaccine. Several conservative groups in the U.S. have publicly opposed the concept of making HPV vaccination mandatory for pre-adolescent girls, asserting that making the vaccine mandatory is a violation of parental rights. They also say that it will lead to early sexual activity, giving a false sense of immunity to sexually transmitted disease.
The hpv vaccine should be required for public school children for the simple fact of its for their own good. The best way to kill a virus is to contain it before it gets out of control. On the other hand the vaccine hasn 't really been out for awhile so the long term effects are undetermined.
Morally some will find it uneasy for an adolescent to be vaccinated for a sexually transmitted disease but the truth is that children will grow up and become sexually active. Reports give a certain age for the vaccine and that happens to be grade school age. The whole point of that is it is better to prevent than
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