Hr 426 Segment 3

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LER 426 Segment 3 - Interview Guide Google HR Manager Interview Guide Competency or Skill Question Probing Questions Interviewer Evaluation - Consider the candidate’s answer and evaluate it - situation, action, result Competency 1: Building Client Relationships -Establishing credibility through the process of delivering value to another department or division. Please think of a time when you were required to create value for a customer. Briefly describe the situation, the process you used to determine the client’s needs, and the actions you took to ensure that the client was satisfied. How did you determine the client’s needs? What extra efforts did you make to exceed the client's expectations? How was your approach toward meeting…show more content…
What were the results of your motivation and management tactics? Have you had to adapt either your management or motivation style and if so how? What were the results? How did you quantify if your tactics are working? What tactics have you found to be successful in identifying employees for open positions? What might be advantages and drawbacks to this method? Exceeds expectations Meets expectations Below expectations Functional Skill 7: Developing Others -Promotes learning, growth, and development. Stimulates enhancement of each person's talents and skills while strengthening their weaknesses. As managers, we are all responsible for helping others succeed and improve their skills. Tell me about a time when you helped a direct report improve his/her job skills How do you keep your employees innovative? Tell me about an employee who has developed and moved out of your organization. How did you contribute to this employee’s development? Exceeds expectations Meets expectations Below…show more content…
The testing window is about two hours so as the candidate nears the end, they may not read the questions or answers correctly if they have become fatigued. Some may find the wording unclear or confusing as the questions tend to generalize the words “always” and “never”. Fortunately, the long test allows the applicant to offer enough information to provide an effective result. This assessment is evaluated and analyzed by trained professionals so the room for error is very limited. These professionals analyze the job requirements, test results and advise whether the applicant will be an acceptable candidate for the job opening. They will help find the appropriate fit for the job, department, and
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