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Assignment 3 week 6 –Dismissal Meeting

Carol B. Parker

Professor Paul Jaikaran

Human Resource Management – HRM 530

May 16, 2016


One way that a manager can help ease the pain of an employee that’s been laid off is to let them know that a layoff may occur as soon as the manager receives word that there may be one in works. This will give the employee a jump start on looking and preparing for their finances and job skills and resume updates. Also if possible grant the employee a generous severance package which could provide economic benefits that reflects management’s
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My manager informed me that I was getting laid off due to me not being needed anymore and so I was escorted back to the building and had to pack all of my personal stuff and that was that. I was devastated by the uncertainness of my future and family, after about 6 months my family and I lost everything, house, car, and storage. Avoiding Fridays and the day before a holiday or vacation is best because letting an employee go on a Friday gives the employee two days to contemplate his treatment by the company and to look for ways to retaliate. Discharging a person early in the week provides him with an opportunity to focus on the future and begin looking for a new job right away.

Step: #4

The actual meeting should last about 10 to 15 minutes and have the sole purpose of providing a simple and precise statement of the decision to terminate the employment relationship. During the meeting make sure that there is an adequate reason for the discharge. Many workers sue their ex-employers because they really want a full explanation of why they were let go and a chance to give their side of the story. You should seek out the employee’s explanation or interpretation of events, allow them to vent a little bit without interrupting them. Making it clear that the decision is final is very important also because this way it’s easier to keep your cool and keep control of the situation. Briefly running through the benefits ensures the employee understands his vacation

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