Hr Al Ain Distribution Strategy

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Table of contents INTRODUCTION 3 Types of strategies 3 Loyal Soldier HR strategy 4 Bargain Laborer HR strategy 4 Committed Expert HR strategy 4 Free Agent HR Strategy: 5 HR strategy that can add value 5 Flow of people 6 Flow of performance: 9 COMPANY HISTORY & BACKGROUND 10 Our Vision 10 Our Mission 10 Our Values 10 The value gap: 11 Commitment to shareholders, customers and employees. 11 Organization chat 13 HR STRATEGY AT AADC 13 HR Mission: 13 HR Vision: 13 HR objectives: 13 HR strategy and practices that add value: 14 The recruitment and hiring 14 Promotion system 14 Employees’ commitments: 15 Employees’ Motivation. 15 people, and extra days off. 15 Training and development 15 Compensation system 16 Flow…show more content…
Organizations hire people early in their careers and provide them with extensive training in a number of different skills. Careers often include a number of very different positions, with promotions often made into positions that are not closely related to previous experiences. Performance appraisals are designed to facilitate cooperation rather than competition. The longer an employee has been with the company, the higher their salary will be. Compensation includes long-term incentives and benefits and is often linked to the overall performance of the organization.1 Bargain Laborer HR strategy: this strategy emphasis of this strategy is obtaining employees who do not demand high wages. Organizations with this strategy design work so that managers can tightly control employee efforts. Each employee is given clearly defined tasks that can be learned easily. People are recruited and hired to perform simple tasks that do not require clearly developed skills. Little attention is paid to meeting the long-term needs of employees. Organizations with this human resource strategy don’t provide careers with clear paths for promotion and advancement. Performance appraisal focuses on day-to-day feedback and rarely incorporates formal measures. Training is mostly limited to on-the-job techniques that teach specific methods for completing particular tasks.

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