Hr Assessment 2 Escape to the Wild

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HR Assessment – Task 2 Outcomes 2 & 3 Escape to the Wild Report To ensure Escape to the Wild’s continued successful and profitable expansion, the Managing Director has expressed his wish for the company to take on a more Strategic approach to the way it recruits trains and promotes its employees. To implement this new strategic approach a human resource function should be introduced. The following describes four activities the human resource function will undertake in order to support the company’s expansion and success: Recruitment & Selection The purpose of recruitment and selection is to reduce the risk of poor selection and attract well qualified candidates to the job. Systematic planning and preparation will…show more content…
Training and Development The purpose of training and development is to improve staff performance, maximise their contribution, and progress their career. The aim of the process is to develop in the organisation’s employees the knowledge, skills and attitudes that have been defined as necessary for the effective performance of their work and for the achievement of the organisations aims and objectives by the most cost-effective means available. Training and development activities include: Inductions, Health & Safety training/law, organisation and delivery of training courses, structuring appraisals & Personal Development framework, holding, recording and updating training information and managing training budgets. The implementation of a training and development process within the human resource function for Escape to the Wild would mean the company would no longer have to respond to training on an ad hock basis as staff training would become more structured with staff having personal development plans and appraisals from Line Managers. This would be a huge boost to staff morale, as they would feel more valued within the organisation and have better opportunities for career advancement. Training and development opportunities would also make the organisation more attractive to potential employees and help Escape to the Wild retain its existing staff. Pay and Rewards The purpose of a

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