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The Organization and Its Mission

Company A (Co. A) is a heavy industry manufacturer. It is comprised of 380 employees. 80 percent of the employees are unionized while the remaining 20 percent are office staff - engineers, administrative staff and higher management. The history of the company stands as far back as 50 years. Over the 50 years, the Company changed hands through different owners several times. The most recent ownership change occurred approximately 3 years ago. The previous owners had sold the company off 2 years after a strike devastated their last efforts to reel the company back from three straight years of financial losses.

The new owners have benefited tremendously from the new union contract the previous
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The department is certainly identifiable and exists as a formal support unit. However, the department is still not perceived to be as important as other units directly related to production such as quality and engineering. Following are some reasons why this is so:

1. The HR department manager is not qualified and experienced to lead the department in directions that upholds the department as a strategic business partner to other non-support departments. His specialization in labor relations is not sufficient background for him to comprehend the important fact that for the department to be effective, decisions on different aspects of HR must be consistent with one another and the decisions must take into account the strategic business goals of the company EG: the companies need to maintain consistently productive teams on the shop floor means that recruitment must be geared toward selecting employees who can work well with others, training for communicative team building skills and job skills, and to support employees so they may perform to the best of their abilities.
2. Other departments do not understand the potential the HR department has in becoming their successful strategic partner. They still view the HR department as playing a service and advocacy roles - efficiently perform a wide variety of routine tasks such as administering annual salary reviews as well as insuring correct compensation raises and bonuses

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