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STAFFING MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTOR’S MANUAL Four Recruitment and Retention Case Scenarios By Marcia R. Gibson, Ed.D. Project team Author: SHRM Project contributors: External contributor: Editor: Design: Marcia R. Gibson, Ed.D. Nancy A. Woolever, SPHR Sharon H. Leonard Courtney J. Cornelius, copy editor Kellyn Lombardi, graphic designer © 2008 Society for Human Resource Management. Marcia R. Gibson, Ed.D. Note to Hr faculty and instructors: SHRM cases and modules are intended for use in HR classrooms at universities. Teaching notes are included with each. While our current intent is to make the materials available without charge, we reserve the right to impose charges should we deem it necessary to support the program. However,…show more content…
Ask students to read each scenario before class. The lists of suggested readings are independent study materials and are intended to provide students additional related information. The class can be divided into groups of 4 or 5 depending on the size of the class. © 2008 Society for Human Resource Management. Marcia R. Gibson, Ed.D. 1 SceNarIo ScHeDULe The scenarios are designed to take 1 hour each to complete: 5 minutes to review the organization and to discuss it in the group. 30 minutes to read the scenario and suggested readings and to discuss “Things to Think About”. 25 minutes to answer the questions provided for each scenario. GeNeraL teacHING PoINtS BY SceNarIo Scenario 1: Increasing Staff to Complete the First Phase of a Project Restate the information provided about MRG HPI. Note the organizational structure and the types of positions this organization hires and must retain. Discuss recruitment strategies MRG HPI might use for various positions (advertising, job banks, recommendations, job fairs, etc.). Discuss internal versus external recruitment. Note the existing recruitment guidelines included in the additional information for Scenario 1. Discuss the existing organizational policies to obtain approval for new hires. Scenario 2: The Effect of Firing the Program Manager on Staffing for the Second Phase of the Project Discuss retention and recruitment issues as they pertain to replacing a leader.

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