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The Container Store: Introduction: Organizational structure, culture and behavior affect the people at the work. They are co-related. The structure of organization is very important because it affects on operating costs, efficiency and effectiveness of work performance, behavior and performance of employees and speed of operations of an organization. ‘Who is responsible for what’, it depends upon structure of the organization. Each of employees of the organization has capacity to be a leader, but it depends upon how they are treated and how they are identified and developed. And performance of employees also depend upon how they are treated (rewarding system of organization and performance measurement).The Container Store has…show more content…
There are three ways of job redesigning: 1) Job rotation 2) Job enlargement and 3) Job enrichment’ (Herzberg, 1966). 1) Job rotation: Job rotation allows employees to do different job with different responsibility. Sometimes people get bored doing same job. And job rotation gives them new challenges. It makes them multi-skilled. 2) Job enlargement: Same as Job rotation it gives change to employees. But the difference is; Job enlargement is about adding more tasks in same job. 3) Job enrichment: Same number of task as Job enlargement, but with greater responsibility and opportunity. (The employees of the container store can access all the financial data, is one type of enrichment.)And Job enrichment can also useful in leadership development. Because of the hierarchical flat structure, the container store has built organizational flexibility. Organizational flexibility includes focus on performance rather than title (collaborative culture), job redesigning, and participation of employees in financial information and future strategy and flexibility in job position (Part time, Full time). This type of organizational flexibilities motivates the employees in performance development and leadership development. And it helps the store to develop multi skilled, more efficient and committed staff to organizational goals. Organizational flexibilities make employees flexible which helps the store in all operations. And they have built great team effort
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