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Bury College CIPD CERTIFICATE IN HR PRACTICE Tutor: Bev Sutherst 3CJA ASSIGNMENT Contributing to the process of job analysis 1- Introduction This report aims to explain the purpose and principles of job analysis and the reasoning behind it. The report will describe the methods used and explore the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. It will give details of a job analysis plan and how it was carried out. It is good practice to carry out a job analysis to contribute to the recruitment for the right candidate for the role also for evaluating and determining the value of the job to the company. The company this report is based on is Alan Howards a Hair and Beauty Wholesalers in Oldham. The…show more content…
The job analysis will also help decide what is expected of the job holder, along with what skills and qualities are required of the person who is to perform the job. The analysis will answer questions of how the work should be organised, how the job inter-relates with other jobs, how many people are required to meet the demand of the workload, how the work itself might flow from one job to the next, the body of knowledge and qualifications required for the job, key performance indicators, physical requirements and interpersonal skills. A typical outcome of job analysis would be a specific job description and person specification for the particular role. In addition to the recruitment and selection process, job analysis can contribute towards performance appraisals, redundancy, improvements in recruitment strategies, position postings, work planning, staffing levels and establish training needs for staff members. There are six different methods you can use to conduct a job analysis including observation, interviewing the employee, group discussion with employee’s, questionnaire, examining documents and gathering background information using a work log . It is common practice to use more than one of these methods to collect valuable information; elements within each method can be compared and contrasted to one another. Using a work log is similar to an observation as it reveals valuable
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