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* Question 1 (30)
To ensure a high probability of success in the implementation of strategic human resource management, the HRM function needs to be truly strategic in its orientation.
Discuss how Netcare endeavours to this strategic position through their various HRM practices.

Fred R. David (2007:5) defined strategic management as “the art and science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organisation to achieve its objectives.

Strategic human resource management as described by Nel et al. (2011:562) is “long-term, top-level management decisions and actions regarding employment relationships that are usually made and performed with the overall general strategic management of
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The company culture has been changed and aligned to the strategy through restructuring head-office and transforming its leadership paradigm.

The company’s objectives is better realised through Netcare’s training initiative aimed at bridging the gap in the industry’s skills shortage, training employees for succession, emotional intelligence training for staff, intrapersonal development and mentorship programmes.

Netcare’s local and international footprint, combined with their ability to be a leader in providing South Africa with medical skills has provided them with the ability to portray an image as that of a leader in the industry.

Their various HRM practices allow them to attract and retain the best staff and deliver on their service mandate. At a functional level they have implemented HRM practices to align the leadership, skills, induction and socialisation, training, development, rewards and recognition, remuneration, career progression as well as transformation with the strategy of the company.

* Question 2 (25)
Analyse Netcare’s high leverage training strategy and its effectiveness in contributing to and achieving their organizational objectives.

Training is a planned effort to facilitate the learning of job-related knowledge, skills, and behaviour by employees as defined by Noe et al. (2010:273).

High-Leverage training according to Noe et al. (2010:273) is a “Training practice that

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