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To ensure a high probability of success in the implementation of strategic human resource management, the HRM function needs to be truly strategic in its orientation.
Discuss how Netcare endeavours to this strategic position through their various HRM practices.

Fred R. David (2007:5) defined strategic management as “the art and science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organisation to achieve its objectives.

Strategic human resource management as described by Nel et al. (2011:562) is “long-term, top-level management decisions and actions regarding employment relationships that are usually made and performed with the overall general strategic
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Human resources
Skills: There was a skills shortage that emerged when public-sector training for nurses and paramedics was stopped which Netcare undertook to address by providing training and, in so doing, becoming one of the largest providers of medical skills in South Africa.

Behaviors: Netcare participates in employer surveys, internal surveys gets feedback from patients with patient feedback forms. These results help identify employment issues and are also used to reward and recognise individuals. Managers are even required to wear their name badges, thus enforcing them to lead by example.

Culture: When Netcare reviewed their leadership culture, it was found that the culture of continuous improvement needed to be changed to that of service leadership. The company values are also visibly lived every day and were reinforced with focus on management training. The company even restructured their head office to nurture a more caring and efficient culture.

HRM Practices
Recruitment: The organisation’s intensive induction and onboarding programme has helped attract and retain the best talent.

Training & development: Netcare’s training interventions cater for nurses, paramedics, managers, new employees (induction and onboarding programme), emotional intelligence development, intrapersonal development, super-specialised skills

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