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I want to start by addressing the topic of productivity. John Muir claims one of the reasons for my termination was due to a significant lack of productivity, yet doesn’t have evidence to support that claim. It’s impossible to falsify productivity due to weekly audits conducted by supervisors, which I review and sign.

Enclosed are my productivity records submitted by Ann Marie Hartmann which proves the information on the termination letter was altered and fabricated to intentionally misrepresent the amount of work I completed.

In addition to weekly audits, the Epic program John Muir uses for patient charting, records (with a time stamp) everything I do within the account. There’s records of every account I worked and completed
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For instance, when asked to clarify how many interruptions I had per day, I declared each day was different. Some days there were quite a few and other days not too many.
Interruptions depended on things like how many patients put valuables in the safe, or how many employees collected payments that day, or if patients came in with billing questions, or whether the gift shop and cafeteria needed change or needed to make deposits, and so forth. Secondly, I would like to discuss the issue of accessing work from home. John Muir has record of a “work ticket” and documentation showing that IT installed the program on my home computer which granted me access. At no point was I ever told not to access work from home or talked to regarding my access from home. In fact, the opposite was true. When IT installed the program on my home computer around the beginning of March, IT stated this was the new system where all employees were going to be required to use in order to access John Muir’s system from home. Employees access John Muir’s system for multiple reasons such as, paystubs, W-2 forms, email, learning points, and so on. IT stated I could access Epic (patient charting) and many employees have already started using this program. Enclosed in a letter sent to everyone at John Muir, dated June 20, 2017, which shows everyone was not only granted

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