Hr Functions and Organizational Ethics

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HR Functions and Organizational Ethics


Dr. Donovan Lawrence

September 5, 2010

Human Resources professionals are responsible for several roles in the workplace, including implementing and managing policies, recruiting and retention, and training and development. The HR department is responsible for making sure that organizations conduct business ethically and that shareholders are treated ethically. The HR department must be able to monitor compliance with federal and state laws and regulations as well as monitor the conduct of the organization. Implementing and managing policies is just one piece of the HR and ethics relationship, the HR professional must also conduct themselves in an ethical manner. This paper will
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Human Resources Management must establish and enforce expectations around the standards of behavior, including code of conduct and ethics, and all policies and procedures. Placing a Code of Ethics and encouraging leadership to model the behaviors is an important step to creating an ethical organization. Human resources should monitor implementation and establish ongoing communication systems to discus ethical issues that may arise. Human Resources can influence organizational culture, and keep communication flowing.

Legal, Financial, and Business Consequences

Non-profit organizations must have well informed members; this is the best bulwark against misconduct legally, financially, and organizationally. Implementing a set of principles that can be adopted and promoted sector-wide and improve over time will help to embrace for organizational needs for ethical practice that will maintain and strengthen public and private confidence. Organizations must have firm policies in place that are communicated and based on federal and state laws and regulations. Nonprofit as well as For-Profit organizations should have a written code of ethics that staff including all of its upper management, board of directors, staff and volunteers are familiar with and practice.

Implementing and adhering to policies and

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