Hr Functions in Knowledge Management

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1. Executive summary
This report analyses the importance of knowledge management in the organisational context for maintaining competitive edge in the market. It conducts an analysis of the key areas in knowledge management with effective implementation of the different strategies for efficient knowledge management and knowledge transfer within the different levels of management in an organisation, these have been elaborated.

Furthermore the report discusses the methods and strategies adopted by organisations and the key role and functions played by HR in the present workplace, with the help of a case study on the organisation Accenture.

The report has made an in-depth analysis of the current issues related to knowledge management,
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Apart from the usual definitions, the most important definition of knowledge management is dependent on a comprehensive idea about the Knowledge management systems. According to Jennex (2008), the Knowledge Management systems (KMS) consists of the different components of IT/ICT, users, repositories, processes for using and generation of knowledge, culture for proper utilisation of knowledge, and the initiatives for the goals and measures related to the Knowledge management. The success of KM depends largely upon the success of KMS, as KMS has been regarded as the personification of KM (p.37).

4. Key issues in Knowledge management

Knowledge management has gained substantial importance in the past few years due to the realisation of numerous advantages associated with efficient knowledge management. An improved decision-making process, considerable increased in productivity and quality, sharing of best practices, less circumstance for reinvention process, and increased development of the skills and talent of the workforce are some of the benefits associated with the knowledge management within the organisations. (Jennex, 2008, p.275). Efficient combination of previously unrelated elements and exchange of tacit knowledge helps in the creation of knowledge that correspondingly leads to appropriate transfer of the gained knowledge transfer (Nahapiet & Ghoshal, 1998). The implementation of knowledge management strategies depends a great deal
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