Hr Issues : Human Resource And Senior Management

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HR issues have been common in many organizations. Productivity is one of the recent issues that a certain organization is facing. The level of production matters a lot in all organizations (Eden, 2015). This is the main aspect that an organization focuses and aims to achieve in its daily operations. The organization has met challenges as it tries to sustain its performance. Productivity management involves the process of monitoring and developing activities in an organization to ensure that there is a gradual increase in productivity levels. In the case study, the organization’s performance has been low for the last two years. Managers and owners of the organization have witnessed a fall in its production (Eden, 2015). As a result, a need…show more content…
Therefore, various HR practices can best help adjust and deal with the productivity in this organization. This is because productivity goes hand in hand with the implementation of the diverse HR practices. In this paper, several HR practices have been suggested, elaborated and discussed that can be used solve productivity issue in the organization. HR practices and their role in improving productivity Employee retention It’s a practice of Human Resource that ensures an organization maintains its workers. Human resource managers should use this practice to deal with productivity in an organization. This process makes sure that employee feels satisfied to continue offering services in an organization (Robbins et al., 2013). Employee retention is necessary for improvement in productivity. In a situation where the employees resign or are terminated in a job, the workforce is lost. Although replacements can be made, it takes time for new workers to be acquired and hence adapt to the new environment. It is good to note that human force is one of the important components of production. The relationship between stakeholders in an organization influences employee retention (Eden, 2015). If conflicts arise among these parties, some individuals may be tempted to leave the organization. Losing employees negatively impact the productivity of an organization. Time is also wasted as new recruits are acquired and trained to fit into the
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