Hr Management in Aviation Industry Essay

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Human resource departments exist to help people and organizations reach their goals. To do this, they face many challenges arising from the demand of the employees, the organization and the society. The domestic and international environments are particularly turbulent because of the growing diversity of the workforce and the globalization of business.
The human resource department must contribute to the organization’s structure in ways that are both ethical and socially responsible.
Human resource activities contribute to an organization’s success in a variety of ways, ultimately they must support the company’s strategies.
The purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contribution of people to the
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Organizational practices are the rules, human resources policies, managerial practices, and rewards system of an organization.
In a company where the human resource department works properly we’ll have as results a more satisfying and enjoyable work for the employees, more productivity, and more achieving of organizational goals.

Case study:

The 2011 has been for Alitalia a very important year, it should have been the year of the balance draw but even if the final operative result has been 6 million negative, we can say that has been a brilliant year anyway. In 2011, despite an overall static market, Alitalia registered an incoming of 3.478 millions of Euro which it means for the Italian carrier an increment of the 7.9%. An equivalent of 25 million of passengers have been transported, 5.5% more than the previous year. The load factor in this period has increased by 0.8 points reaching the 72.8%, one of the best of AEA’s carriers. Despite the final operative result has been a loss of 6 million € they can register a massive improvement of 100 million € compared to 2010.
The revenues linked to the international and intercontinental activities have increased to 7.2% reaching the 62% of the total revenues from the transport of the passengers .
The increase of the revenues is a very good result if we think about the hard political and economic period.
The petrol price is increased by the 25% and this has meant