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chapter 1

Developing Yourself as an Effective Learning and Development Practitioner
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This chapter begins with a look at what is required of L&D professionals and how L&D roles are specified. We discuss the CIPD HR Profession Map and how we can use it to assess our professional development needs. We then move on to look at how we deliver our L&D service, considering: who are our customers, how well do we meet their needs and what can we do to improve our service delivery. In the final section of the chapter we look at the concept of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and give some practical tips on how to complete a CPD Record and select activities for professional development.

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This may be supplemented by further information, about the skills, knowledge and experience required (for example in a person specification at the recruitment stage) or an internal competence framework which details the abilities and behaviours required of different roles within the organisation. There are many variations of L&D roles; you may, for example, be involved in:
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identifying learning needs and planning learning activities designing learning activities and materials delivering and evaluating learning activities providing one-to-one training or coaching assessing and reviewing learning progress supporting line managers to train their staff advising people in the organisation about L&D maintaining L&D information systems designing or supporting e-learning/technology/enabled learning
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