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CASE NO. 6 Communication, Coaching and Conflict QUESTIONS THE WATERVIEW Q.1) Present a summary of the case highlighting the main features of the company and the current scenario faced by Michael Welland? Q.2) Using the oral message sending process explain and jusify how should Boddington send messages to Welland and Vice versa? Q.3) According to the message receiving process, explain and justify how far Welland is listening, analyzing and understanding the message received from Boddington and vice versa? Q.4) Using the 10 coaching guidelines explain and justify whether Boddington is using these guidelines to coach/mentor her subordinates or not? Which ones she is fulfilling and which ones she is not and why? Solution…show more content…
She did not focus on the behavior of the staffs; she always focuses on the person. She creates personal grudges with the employees and tries to annoy them at work. • Have employees assess their own performance She never allows employees to self evaluate their performance, never discuss about their performance issues. She did not take comments from employees about their work. • Give specific and descriptive feedback Boddington never give any feedback to the employee. She avoids giving specific and descriptive feedback which creates confusion between her and subordinates. • Give coaching feedback She never offers positive coaching to the employees. • Provide modeling and training She did not provide job instructional training and modeling to the staff. • Make feedback timely, but flexible She never gives any timely feedback. Her feedback was not even flexible, she don’t concern about the emotions and feelings of the employees. She start to yelled at employees most of the times. • Don’t criticize She has explosive temper and use to criticize her staff. Q.5) Using the 5 conflict management styles explain and justify which conflict resolution strategy/(es) Michael Welland should use to resolve his conflict with Boddington? Solution The conflict of Michael Welland with Boddington is complex and critical, they both have equal power and time

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