Hr Module of Erp

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LEAD & INSPIRE YOUR PEOPLE A company‟s effectiveness depends on its employees‟ good work. OpenERP‟s Human Resources modules enable you to manage important aspects of staff work efficiently, such as their skills, contracts, and working time. 17.1 Managing Human Resources To establish a system that is integrated into the company‟s management you need to start with a current list of collaborators. Note: Do not confuse employees and users For OpenERP, “employee” represents all of the physical people who have a work contract with the company. This includes all types of contracts: contracts with both fixed and indeterminate time periods, and also independent and freelance service contracts. A “user” is a physical person who is given access…show more content…
This gives you a simple way of managing forgotten sign-outs. Find employee attendance details from their forms in Human Resources!Employees. To get the detail of attendances from an employee‟s form in Open ERP you can use the two available reports: • Print Attendance Error Report • Print Attendances By Month DK/CBS Page 3 The first report highlights errors in attendance data entry. It shows you whether an employee has entered the time of entry or exit manually and the differences between the actual and expected sign out time and the time. The second report shows the attendance data recorded. 17.2 Timesheets In most service companies where Open ERP has been integrated, service sheets, or timesheets, have revolutionized management practices. These service sheets are produced by each employee as they work on the different cases or projects that are running. Each of these is represented by an analytic account in the system. Throughout the day, when employees work on one project or another, they add a line to the timesheets with details of the time used on each project. At the end of the day, each employee must mark all the time worked on client or internal projects to make up the full number of hours worked in the day. If an account is not in the system then the time is added to the hours that have not been assigned for the day. Figure 17.5: Timesheet for a working day To enable your system with all the features related
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