Hr Planning And Factors Affecting Resourcing And Talent Policy

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Task 1 – HR Planning & Factors Affecting Resourcing and Talent Policy
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Good Morning Brian,
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HR planning is a continuous process of planning to use our human capital in its best effective way. The aim is to ensure the right people are in the right job while avoiding having not enough staff or too many. Ultimately if HR gets this right all the time, elegant shoes should have a minimal recruitment cost and a very high staff retention rate.
There are some factors we must also consider.
Business objectives. With todays market our business objectives will evolve over time, as of this we need to ensure our recruitment strategy evolves too.
Culture. People don’t want to work for a company with a ‘bad feeling’ or ‘low morale’. We need to ensure the companies culture is positive, we need to be 1st choice employee when people decide on who that would most like to work for. Is each shops culture the same? Do we have any ‘clicks’? Do we have any shops where they’ve had little problems with recruiting? Why is this?
Structure. How is each shop set up? Do we have too many chiefs? Or not enough? How does our senior management team communicate with our employees? Because the shop manager is responsible for the recruiting of their team, does this mean were getting the best people? How do we know the shop manager is recruitment the right people?
Legislation- changes is legislation effect every organisation in the UK, it’s our job to…

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