Hr Planning And Factors Affecting Resourcing And Talent Policy

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Task 1 – HR Planning & Factors Affecting Resourcing and Talent Policy AC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Good Morning Brian, As requested HR planning is a continuous process of planning to use our human capital in its best effective way. The aim is to ensure the right people are in the right job while avoiding having not enough staff or too many. Ultimately if HR gets this right all the time, elegant shoes should have a minimal recruitment cost and a very high staff retention rate. There are some factors we must also consider. Internal Business objectives. With todays market our business objectives will evolve over time, as of this we need to ensure our recruitment strategy evolves too. Culture. People don’t want to work for a company with a ‘bad…show more content…
It’s about celebrating and managing the differences of people, and having the ability to use different viewpoints to solve the same problem. Also with today’s diverse population, having a diverse workforce would mean we’d have the potential to meet the needs of a mixed customer base. Task 2 – Job Analysis (AC 3.1) The current job description and person specification for the role of shop manager is a good starting point yet needs to be developed to incorporate evolving business needs. At present the ‘nature and scope’ section repeats what is stated in the ‘key accountabilities’. Also the ‘key accountabilities are behind the times i.e. ‘reports on both computer disk and hard copy either for email or post’, now a days most reports would always be prepared using a computer and emailed across. I would ensure the responsibilities are written in a way that matches today’s technology. At no point does the job description mention that the stores the new shop managers will be working in are brand new and in new areas. I would add an accountability regarding this, stating the need to establish the new store in the local retail industry. To enhance the lure of the role I would add a section regarding performance management, adding what bonus elegant shoes could off for meeting set targets, at present this is standard to
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