Hr Planning, Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting And Hiring Process

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Overview of HR Planning, Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting and Hiring Process When a company hires new employees, they need to ensure that the right candidates are hired and this responsibility lies with the human resource management team. The first step is to develop a recruitment plan. A recruitment plan is documented and approved by the organization which maps out a clear strategy for attracting as well as hiring the qualified candidates. It also helps in ensuring an applicant pool consisting of a wide variety of applicants. This plan also outlines the advertising channels that must be used for achieving the target. This plan is generally developed by the manager in responsibility for hiring in the assistance of departmental HR Coordinator. After this, each application received is reviewed to check if the candidate possesses required education, experience, skills or any other qualifications specified for the position. After selecting the desired candidates, they are then interviewed to evaluate the qualifications of the candidate. A face-to-face interview reveals much more about the candidate like his punctuality, personal hygiene, and manners. After the completion of the interview process, on the basis of their results, candidates are recruited. Interview narrows the candidate pool even more. A candidate is hired after comparing his qualifications with the pre-determined set of qualifications developed at the time of recruitment planning or any other criteria essential
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