Hr Planning for British Airways

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Describe the internal and external factors to be considered when planning the human resources requirements of an organisation. Human Resources are one of the most important departments in any organisation. It plays a big role for the company and influences every employee because it is responsible for managing employee costs. However, Human Resources Department also has responsibility for many other tasks including Recruitment and Selection, Training. The most important task that performed by HR Department is Workforce Planning. Basically, Workforce Planning is the process when business needs to make sure that it recruits the right people. The recruitment and selection of best employees might be very hard. First of all, the company has…show more content…
British Airways has managed with this task and also the company keeps regularly up to dated with its competitors and technology world. Making customers experience more easier and faster British Airways also uses online self check in and self check in machines at the airports which makes the process much easier for its customers. Like many organizations today, British Airways face several environmental issues such as climate change. Governments and policy makers are now creating regulations and policies that will require airlines to curb emissions growth. All airlines have to meet a comprehensive range of local, national and international environmental regulations As well as there is a number of external factors affecting HR Planning, there are also internal policies and procedures impact HR activities. For example, if the company is committed to promoting from within, HR must ensure employees receive appropriate training and development to be ready for promotion when the time comes. HR should monitor the number of employees eligible for retirement and ensure potential replacements or other staff members are trained to avoid a sudden departure of
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