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Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations 3MER 1.1 2 internal factors which impact on the employment relationship Pay - It is well known that pay helps to motivate and even retain staff in most cases, but nowadays it is not just the financial rewards that employees are seeking, its possibility of career enhancement and training opportunities. If employees know that they are being appreciated and groomed for greater things then this could have a positive impact on employee and employer relations. Organisational culture – A company’s organisational culture can have a huge impact on employment relations. Some companies may be very strict about work timings; so if an employee were to leave work 10…show more content…
A company may keep on the fixed term employee after their contract is up if they wish. 1.3 An individual’s employment status is important to determine because • It will determine how much tax is to be paid • To determine the wages the employee will get • When the employee would get paid. Weekly or monthly. • Leaves such as paternity and maternity are only granted to certain contracted individuals (Permanent) • Only certain contracted individuals would be protected and disciplined under company disciplinary acts. • Temp employees cannot appeal when they have been let go but permanent employees can • Rights of tribunal regarding unfair dismissal • Training may not apply to certain individuals on different contracts • Pension schemes do not apply to temp employees • Chances of company progression will be higher for permanent employees 2.1 Legislations that impact Employee Holidays - Employees and workers are permitted to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year and this also includes bank holidays. This is according to the Working Time Regulations 1998. The organisation controls when annual leave is to be taken as the needs of the company are taken into consideration. Some months of the year a company may grant less annual leave then others,

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