Hr Practices at Dominos

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IBS HYDERABAD Case Study on: HR PRACTICES AT DOMINO’S PIZZA {draw:frame} Submitted to: Dr. G. Prageetha Raju Date: 4th January 2010 SUBMITTED By: Ananya Bhaduri (09BSHYD0092) Neetu Pillai (09BSHYD0493) Ruchi Agrawal (09BSHYD1009) Sanya Jain (09BSHYD0738) Sweta Singhania (09BSHYD0911) HR POLICIES AT DOMINO’S PIZZA _ “According to the recently held Hewitt Best Employer Survey, Domino’s Pizza India Ltd. has been ranked as the Best Employer in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry in India. Domino’s has been ranked 9th among all companies in India and is the only QSR company to be featured in this elite list, biennial feature that ranks companies according to their HR quotient in India and Asia. Specifically, …show more content…
Even in the international market, dominos chose to exit loss incurring markets and focused on expansion in profitable markets like India, France, and Australia. In 2001, it also launched a partnership with Make A Wish Foundation in USA. It also gave around 12000 pizzas to relief workers of September 11 terror attacks in Washington D.C. 2004 marked the year when after 44 years of being a private company, Dominos got listed on the NYSE under the symbol DPZ, to raise capital to finance its expansion plans. Dominos pizzas international presence also has been on a steady rise. In Mexico it had 592 stores, making it the largest quick service restaurant. UK alone had 512 stores, 412 in Australia and 227 stores in India. It also has a significant presence in Turkey, Japan and France. As of 2008, the company had a huge outstanding debt of around $17.7 billion and even though international sales were rising, the company reported a fall in domestic sales. A key feature of dominos stores are limited or non existent dine-in facilities which therefore erased the need for staffing facilities. The stores were generally small, inexpensive to build with a limited menu and few side dishes. This enabled to pursue a focused approach to the business which ultimately led to its success worldwide. DOMINOS CULTURE Domino’s Pizza people are essentially all the same. They live for the excitement of

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