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1. How do you conduct yourself as a ‘professional’, not just generally but with specific reference to ‘professionalism’ within the HR function? What improvements could you make?
The term professional, like many words and concepts has many different dimensions and the meaning of which has changed over time. One definition might be getting paid to complete a specific set of specialised tasks. Another might be an uncompromising commitment to performing at the highest level at all times. Yet another could be displaying a polite, considerate and generally businesslike manner in the workplace. Whilst most of these statements are partially correct, there are many aspects to conducting yourself in a professional manner. The most recognised
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(Mention Professional Identity and use quote from PM magazine)
A professional has specialized skills and knowledge that required independent learning and effort on their part to attain. They engage in a process of constant evaluation and improvement. A professional makes decisions based on their dedication to the craft and not the current circumstance.
This is probably best defined by the Hayes Committee (1972):
Work done by the professional is usually distinguished by its reference to a framework of fundamental concepts linked with experience rather than by impromptu reaction to events or the application of laid down procedures. Such a high level of distinctive competence reflects the skilful application of specialised education, training and experience. This should by accompanied by a sense of responsibility and an acceptance of recognised standards.
Although being a member of the CIPD is not paramount to practising HR, a professional body does have a large role to play in setting and improving professional standards.
There are three types of professional action carried out by HR professionals:
1. Administration – essential in meeting legal requirements and being able to provide accurate, up to date records to enable a company to plan for the future.
2. Advisor – Whether it is resolving issues or simply providing advice, it is crucial that the HR
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