Hr Professional's Role in Organizational Strategy

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Introduction Human Resource (HR) professionals play a critical role in the development of organizational strategy and organizational functioning. Before an organizational strategy is developed the organization’s culture must be defined. Each organization has its own culture; it is what defines an organization. The strategy chosen is based upon the culture of the organization, and the HR professional works to align them in order to achieve success. Organizational Culture HR plays a vital role in…show more content…
The recent competitive challenges of the global marketplace are creating demand for outsourcing some of the responsibilities of human resource professionals. Outsourcing can save time and money while allowing HR professional’s to focus on core tasks and participate in business strategy. With the increase in the use of the internet and software programs, outsourcing some HR tasks has been made much easier. People can now apply to a position, access payroll and benefits, take company surveys, plus much more online. Another area in which HR professionals have been challenged is the changing demographics of today’s society. With affirmative action, diversity has become an issue that forces HR to manage effectively. There are many laws that protect from discriminatory actions of employers and it is up to HR to devise an organizational strategy that nurtures a welcoming working environment to all workers. Conclusion There are numerous obstacles that organizations must contend with in an effort to develop an organizational strategy that is aligned with its culture to achieve its ultimate level of success. As Mary Kay Ash once said, “People are definitely a
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