Hr Recruitment & Selection Assignment 1

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DIVISIONAL HR MANAGER ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS (4) Recruitment and Selection Proposal HUMAN RESOURCES Recruitment and Selection (HRM782) Assignment 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 3: Introduction Page 4: Proposed Job Advertisement Page 5: Selection Report Page 6: Resume Characteristics Report Page 8: Endnotes Page 9: Bibliography INTRODUCTION Successful candidates for the position of HR Administrative Assistant must exhibit the following competencies (as stated in the job description): Core – Excellent interpersonal skills, flexibility and dependability Functional – Client Service Orientation Job-Specific – Knowledge of MS programs,…show more content…
Bohlander and S. Snell. (2011). Managing Human Resources, 6th Edition. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Nelson Education Ltd., p. 175. ) PROPOSED JOB ADVERTISEMENT Human Resources Administrative Assistant 4 Positions Assignment 1 Ltd. in Oshawa, Ontario We are a large, industry leading organization, looking for four Administrative Assistants to provide administrative support to our Divisional HR Managers, on a permanent full-time basis. Duties include: § Maintains the agenda, arranges travel, and coordinates meetings, conference calls and appointments. Organizes and coordinates meetings and conference calls. § Develops and maintains up-to-date correspondence, filing and logging. § Facilitates the flow of documents/information to and from the unit, and ensures financial integrity and consistency by controlling receipt of goods and services, requisitions, reconciliation of accounts and travel accounts. § Acquires and updates administrative, financial and personnel resources materials such as manuals, monthly reports, and supply catalogues. § Assists in and provides word processing and transcription services for the preparation of briefings, memorandum, reports, etc. Prepares, produces and processes a variety of documents. § Conducts Internet searches, and collects information from websites. Advantages: § Great company
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