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Development Career development planning is for individuals as well as the organization. Human resource manager must foster a career development planning environment to satisfy both the individual and organization needs to maintain a health work force and longevity of one’s organization. It’s the Individuals responsibility to formulate and implementing the career development plan, but they need to receive support from the organization in doing so. Google’s approach as a corporation leaves it up to the employees to knows what what’s out there and available to them for a successful career path. Self-reliance and the urgency is the approach Google would like to see in its employees an opportunistic attitude that will drive an individual…show more content…
1). A compensation packages is based on a number of different parts. To start, a general market research is conducted to see the worth of similar jobs in the field, the availability of employees with these specific skills, employee accomplishments in the company as well as their contributions, and the available funds a company has to pay its employees whether it is full market-rate or higher/lower than market-rate (, 2012). A compensation package typically includes a combination of benefits such as: wages, insurance, guaranteed raises, vacation days, among other perks (Conjecture Corp, 2012). Every Corporation has a way of doing things and is HR play and key role in the balance of it all. The compensation awarded to Google employees is based solely on the candidate. The experience, education, specialties are all taken into account when determining the perfect compensation package. Google understands the value of retaining top performers and, rather than give lip service to this value, they live it in practice. They know that the investment they make now will reduce the turnover of top talent, which can be devastating to the bottom line. An
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