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Why doesn’t this HR Department get any respect?

Prepared By: Nikhil Chandra, Section C, Roll No. 28064

Background of the case:

 Luke Robinson is the Managing Partner – HR at Loft Securities. He joined the company over a year ago.
 He is very upset with the problems he is facing at this workplace and is discussing them with his friend Kate Ross, who is the Vice President – HR of a successful PR Firm.
 The new CEO had initially tried to support Robinson but now seems to not pay much attention to the role of HR in the organization.
 Robinson has taken a number of steps to rectify the problems he is facing but none of them seem to be working for him.
 He has not been able to rebuild the
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just before Robinson joined

Steps previously taken by Robinson to solve the problems:

 He established (for the HR Dept):
 A set of internal service standards
 Performance guarantees
 Ongoing customer satisfaction measurement programs.

 Creation of Listening Ports:
 He sent a member of his staff to each of the firms locations on a regular basis to hold office hours, answer questions and provide counseling.

 Implementation of the HR Ambassador Program:
 He assigned individual members of his staff to develop relationships with people in a particular area of the company, so that they would have a voice speaking for them within HR.

 Regular schedule of meetings:
 He set-up a regular schedule of meetings between himself and each of the firm’s business unit heads.

 Assessment of HR:
 He began a comprehensive assessment of the quality of HR Staff, both individually and collectively. He also fired two underperforming HR employees.

 Drafting plans:
 He drafted plans for a program to help educate all the company’s employees about the role of HR – specifically on how it could contribute to creating and upholding the firm’s strategy for success.


 Meeting with Shargall first and then with the board:
 Robinson should first meet with Shargall (as his voice counts the most) and brief him on what he intends to say to the larger group. This way he shall be able to fine tune his

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