Hr Strategies For A Growing Telecommunications Company

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HR strategies constitute deliberate and methodical plan of action designed by HR departments in line with the objectives of a company (Beginning Management of Human Resources 2012). Companies need solid HR strategies if they want to achieve their goals. The development of HR strategies for new firms begins with a realistic analysis of all the prevailing HR-related matters and a clear understanding of future developments in the related industry. In this essay, I have chosen to develop HR strategies for a growing telecommunications company in East Africa known as Safaricom Limited. The company largely operates in Kenya. It began in the late 1990s as a subordinate provider of communication services and technology to the then Telkom Company ( To define a clear basis for designing HR strategies for Safaricom, I would analyse the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and how it copes with changes brought about by politics, economics, social factors, technology advances, law-related issues, international, environment oriented and socio-economic characteristics of its market. I would also use customer and employee surveys to obtain important information about the various stakeholders’ interests in Safaricom. In order for a company like Safaricom to determine where it is heading as a telecommunications business firm, it must first understand its prevailing state of business through systematic analysis of its challenges and opportunities, then

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