Hr Strategies In Ryanaair : HR Strategy In Ryanair

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HR Strategy in Ryanair It is obvious that Ryanair is using Cost Leadership Strategy judging by the organisation’s behaviour. The cost leadership strategy helps Ryanair to operate their business successfully. This type of strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. By implementing it, Ryanair introduced pilot training in order to train them how to flight in most efficient manner, that means, with the least fuel consumption (Creaton, 2014). Ryanair also took out all reclining seats in order to reduce cleaning service cost. The company eliminated non- essential extras like: advance seat assignment, free meal and beverages and checked baggage. There is no offer of air bridge to aircraft, multiclass seating, baggage transfer or access to frequent flyer program (Tiernan & Morley, 2013). According to (Ryanair, 2000) employees had a lot of opportunities to achieve carrier development, where other airline companies are cutting jobs and reducing labour. Cost Leadership strategy could have a negative impact on their employees (Price, 2004). This is what happened in Ryanair. To reduce cost, Ryanair does not provide uniforms to their staff, they have to buy their own uniforms. Company decided a pay freeze on payments for all their staff which negatively affected employee relations. Ryanair attracting new employees of cabin crew by high salaries, requiring them to pay for their own training. In order to improve their skills and ability to fly new aircrafts, pilots are responsible

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