Hr Strategy : A Human Resource Strategy Essay

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HR Strategy Human Resource is one of the most important departments of any organization. The Hr strategy in Airline or aviation industry can differ than the other companies. But it is said that many organizations have a human resource strategy that includes affirmative action to manage diversity or meet government requirements. ( ). To meet the desired goals some organization carry out HR planning on an individual level, the organization than look at the sub groups in the labor force for example the proportion on women and men in the organization. Each airline designs its Hr strategy and they are competing in the same industry providing and applying different form of customary way to attract more and more customers. In other words airlines are implementing innovation and uniqueness to compete with their rivals. Organizations are thinking more like innovative strategic pattern which should be unique from their fellow competitors and they are investing more in research and development but in the same way trying to maintain their efficiency. IMPLEMENTING AND EVALUATING HR PLAN An organization can apply any HR Strategy but implementing the strategies and evaluating the result of that strategy is always the final stage. HR Strategy can be implemented by some individual who are made responsible by the organization to achieve the goals. Organization also provides him with the authority and resources. The individual must have to provide the regular progress report. In

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