Hr Strategy : Employee Wellness

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HR Strategy – Employee Wellness Corporations all over the world are focusing on employee wellness. Areas of focus are physical, emotional, financial, career or a combination of them. The strategy behind the focus would be employees that are happier and healthier. Employee are more productive and engaged as a result of these benefits being offered. The company that I work for has adopted these strategic practices. They have been promoting a physically healthier lifestyle for years. They have corporate sponsored teams for community sports and a bike team for Ragnar. Brown bag lunches on different subjects like eating healthy, how to minimize stress and being financially wise are things they have done for several years. Providing these unusual benefits is based on the idea that “…in a 2008 survey of 628 employer groups conducted by Buck Consultants, 74% of U.S. companies cited reducing health care costs as their number-one motivator. But there are many other reasons. Other motivators identified in the survey included improving employee productivity, reducing health-related absences, improving employee morale, and retaining employees. Health and efficiency have a clear relationship—healthy employees take fewer sick days and are more productive at work—and businesses are starting to take notice.” Another outcome for adding these personalize benefits is employee retention. Currently the company that I work for has a >50% turnover for entry level positions. Appling these
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