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Human Resource Website Review For this website review of human resource websites, it will cover the websites and Each one of these websites is a great site to use as a resource for their own respective category inside of human resources. This review will compare the same questions to keep the measurements fair, and will provide screenshots to use as demonstrations to provide visions throughout the paper. The first website that will be reviewed is SHRM stands for “Society for Human Resource Management”. The mission and purpose of SHRM is to produce a community open to a wide range of customers including human resource professionals, governments, media, businesses, to talk about the human…show more content…
The other human resource website I reviewed is IFEBP stands for “International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans”. The mission and purpose for IFEBP is to provide education and source of employee benefits, compensation, and financial education. ( This website plays an important role in human resources because it plays an important role in teaching employees and employers about benefits and compensation. Compared to the other website where it looked at human resources as a whole, IFEBP looks at a specific section within human resources. IFEBP serves to Canada, public employee, corporate/single employer, multiemployer, and service providers. This means that a company can belong to this site where anyone can grant with access can look around, or people who are employees so they can further educate themselves. Companies may join this site to become more aware of trends, and how to have better employee benefit practices for the entire company. There are over 34,000 members who belong to IFEBP. ( Please see a screen shot below of all the different sectors. IFEBP is a non-profit organization, which has a nine-member executive member board that serves the company’s leadership roles. Roles range from President to Secretary. Also, a past President sits on the board. [pic] The IFEBP website offers educational programs and certificate programs to its members. The
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