Hr a Short Briefing for New Hr Colleagues to Help Them Perform Effectively and Efficiently in Their Roles.

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What is expected from you as a HR Professional As a HR Professional, you are expected to exhibit certain behaviours and demonstrate certain activities which can be defined within bands of professional competence. HR Professionals must understand the business and culture for which they serve and the HR strategy must be aligned to this. As shown in the map above, there are ten professional areas in which as a HR Professional you should strive to demonstrate the highest achievable level of competence. As a new member of the HR Team at YWP, we expect you to support the improvement of HR processes and policies. This includes continuously looking at…show more content… Collaboration across the organisation is imperative to ensure the full impact and implementation of any HR initiative. Managing HR across the organisation involves maintaining inter-department relationships and alliances, facilitating communication channels, ensuring credibility and the positive perception of the HR Function. Managing across the organisation by using its line managers to implement HR initiatives will ensure the HR Functions objectives are much more likely to be realised. Adding Value to the Organisation The HR Function drives performance and provides line managers with the tools and resources to increase the performance of the organisation’s employees. It must do this by identifying the business values and formulating a strategy in line with these. This strategy must then be effectively implemented at all levels. You will work with your HR colleagues to identify the business values as they evolve and formulate a strategy in line with this. In order for HR to add value in any organisation, the team members of that HR Function must align their goals to that of the organisation. You will work with the HR team to design strong policies and procedures which encourage managers and employees to focus on the growth of the company and maintain the competitive edge.

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